Tip Jar - Tipjar script with a 'goal' and progress meter

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Tip Jar - Tipjar script with a 'goal' and progress meter

Postby Vincent » February 20th, 2013, 15:44:48

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// Script Name: Tipjar_script_with_a_goal_and_progress_meter_by_Angel_Fluffy.lsl
// Author: Angel Fluffy
//Tipjar script with a 'goal' and progress meter by Angel Fluffy.lsl

// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it.
// Additional Licenes may apply that prevent you from selling this code
// and these licenses may require you to publish any changes you make on request.
// There are literally thousands of hours of work in these scripts. Please respect
// the creators wishes and Copyright law and follow their license requirements.
// License information included herein must be included in any script you give out or use.
// Licenses may also be included in the script or comments by the original author, in which case
// the authors license must be followed, and  their licenses override any licenses outlined in this header.
// You cannot attach a license to any of these scripts to make any license more or less restrictive.
// All scripts by avatar Ferd Frederix, unless stated otherwise in the script, are licensed as Creative Commons By Attribution and Non-Commercial.
// Commercial use is NOT allowed - no resale of my scripts in any form. 
// This means you cannot sell my scripts but you can give them away if they are FREE. 
// Scripts by Ferd Frederix may be sold when included in a new object that actually uses these scripts. Putting my script in a prim and selling it on marketplace does not constitute a build.
// For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of my works. This is done by leaving headers intact.
// See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/ for more details and the actual license agreement.
// You must leave any author credits and any headers intact in any script you use or publish.
// If you don't like these restrictions and licenses, then don't use these scripts.
//////////////////////// ORIGINAL AUTHORS CODE BEGINS ////////////////////////////////////////////

// CATEGORY:Tipjar
// DESCRIPTION:Tipjar script with a 'goal' and progress meter by Angel Fluffy.lsl
// ARCHIVED BY:Ferd Frederix

//This Script was pulled out for you by YadNi Monde from the SL FORUMS at http://forums.secondlife.com/forumdisplay.php?f=15, it is intended to stay FREE by it s author(s) and all the comments here in ORANGE must NOT be deleted. They include notes on how to use it and no help will be provided either by YadNi Monde or it s Author(s). IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS JUST DONT USE!!!

// CARP Donation box script. Written by Angel Fluffy, with credit to :
// Keknehv Psaltery, jean cook, ama omega, nada epoch, YadNi Monde
// for their work on the "DONATION box" script upon which it was based.
//Donation / Tipjar script with a 'goal' and progress meter (ideal for tracking tier)
//What it is : a donation box / tip jar script, that uses the concept of 'goals' and a progress meter to encourage people to donate (as people donate more when they can see the progress being made towards a set goal).
//Edit the config settings, drop in a prim, and pay it some money to find out how it works.
//In future, I intend to add a 'biggest donors' field to it which people can use to recieve a list of the top 5 donors when the prim is clicked on.
string imtext = "I'm the __________ Donation Box! Please right click and pay me to donate, as this supports the __________ project and helps keep the place open for you!";
// this is the text sent to someone who clicks on the prim containing this script and who isn't the owner.

// first line of hover text above box (always constant)
string floaty = "__________ Donation Box\n";

// when total donated this month is less than monthlyneeded, display whatfunding_1 as the funding target,
// when it is more, display whatfunding_2. This allows you to show your donors when you have switched
// from funding your essential running costs to funding expansion.
string whatfunding_1 = "Funding : __________ \n";
string whatfunding_2 = "Funding : __________ \n";

// name of the current month
// we *could* get this automatically, but changing the month automatically isn't as easy as it seems.
// This is a change I might make in a future version.
string thismonth = "October";

// How much are we trying to raise per month?
// The script displays a countdown in SETTEXT above the prim its in, counting down until this target is reached.
// After this target is reached, the countdown disappears, being replaced with a tally.
// The goal of this is to encourage people to donate by setting a clear goal they feel they can help achieve by donating.
integer monthlyneeded = 30000;

// These two variables define the starting numbers for how much has been donated across all time, and how much this month.
// These starting numbers will have the donations the script recieves in between each reset/save added to it,
// and the result displayed in float text over the top of the script.
// The first time you start accepting donations, you should set both of the numbers below to zero.
// When saving this script, you (the object owner) should touch the donation box object,
// which will then tell you how much has been donated in total and how much has been donated this month.
// Entering this information here before saving will allow you to preserve the 'state' of the script across edits/restarts.
integer totaldonated = 0;
integer monthdonated = 0;

// these settings are like the above, but save the 'last donor' information. You can set them to "" and 0 to clear saved info.
string lastdonor = "Taffy Tinlegs";
integer lastdonated = 0;

// this interval defines how long we wait between each reminder to donate broadcast to SAY (range=20m)
integer timer_interval = 3600;

// these settings determine what the 'default' donation amounts are.
// the buttons are the 'fast pay' buttons, the 'payfield' is the default amount in the text box.
list paybuttons = [50,200,400,800];
integer payfield = 100;

// these variables should be left undefined.
string owner;
string otext;
integer mpercent;

integer updatemath() {
        float mpercentfloat = ((monthdonated * 100) / monthlyneeded);
        mpercent = (integer)mpercentfloat;

 return 1;   

integer updatetext() {
        otext = floaty;

        if (mpercent >= 100) {
            otext += whatfunding_2;
        } else {
            otext += whatfunding_1;
        if (lastdonated > 0) {
            otext += "Last donation : L$" + (string)lastdonated + " by " + lastdonor +"\n";
        if (mpercent >= 100) {
            otext += "We have raised L$"+(string)(monthdonated - monthlyneeded)+" for this, beyond our basic running costs of L$"+(string)monthlyneeded+" for "+thismonth+". \n";
            //otext += "The excess will go towards giving prizes and running special events!";
        } else {
            otext += "Our donors have contributed "+(string)mpercent+"% of our basic running costs ("+(string)monthdonated+"/"+(string)monthlyneeded+") for "+thismonth+".\n";
 return 1;   
    on_rez( integer sparam )
        owner = llKey2Name( llGetOwner() );
        llSay(0,"Script updated. Usually this is caused by the donation box owner updating the script.");

    money(key id, integer amount)
        totaldonated += amount;
        monthdonated += amount;
        lastdonor = llKey2Name(id);
        lastdonated = amount;
        llInstantMessage(id,"On behalf of everyone who uses this place, thank you for the donation!");
        llSay(0,(string)llKey2Name(id)+" donated L$" + (string)amount + ". Thank you very much for supporting us, it is much appreciated!" );
    touch_start(integer num_detected){
        if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) {
            llOwnerSay("Reporting script status, because you are recognised as the owner of this donation box.");
            llOwnerSay("Current TOTAL donations across all time: L$"+(string)totaldonated);   
            llOwnerSay("Current TOTAL donations for this month: L$"+(string)monthdonated);
        }  else {
    timer() {
        integer premainder = 100 - mpercent;
        integer aremainder = monthlyneeded - monthdonated;
        if (mpercent < 100) {
            llSay(0,"We still need to meet the last "+(string)premainder+"% of our basic costs (L$"+(string)aremainder+") this month, to pay for land tier etc. Please consider donating to help us out!");
} // END //

W̛̲̼͚͖h͎̯͇ͬ̉̓̉ͭ͆aͣ̋̓͠t͋ ̜͔̤̠̻̯̝̅̊͋ͬ̍͢â̶ͧ͊̀r͍̞̯̲͎̣̀̿͌̿̂ͅȇ͒̓̈́̄̋̉҉̜̲ ̡͎̯̲̼̟̂ͅs̱͉͚̼͌o̶͒̎̐͋ͥm̷̦͎ͣ̄̿ė̼̺̰̿ͦ̀ ̖͉̞̝̠ͤͧ̉̾̌̎͗ḡ͖̦̘̜̩͔ͤ͜o͕͈̥̦͖͛̕o̧̪̘̱̼ͨͨ̏̌d̫̫̣̪ ̢̩͈̙̬ͤ͑D̡̖̪̠̖̺͋̌̚u̡̱ͨͮͬ͑̌ͬ̎b̷̘̍̄̆̂̑̅s̳͖̪̉͢ͅt̢̩͈̗͋ͅe̯̭̩̣̗͉ͧ̚͝p͙̼̝̮͕̿̓͋ͫ͐̽ͩ ͇̫̤ͤͩ͐ͩ̋s̶̺̻ȍ̶̻̰͔̫͎̭͎ͥͭ̽ͣn͔̼̩̠̦͇͐g̛̱̫̗̑͗ͥ̂ͣ͗s̳͓̞̠͍̔͆̽!̶͑?̶͖͎
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