What motivates you to be a DJ?

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What motivates you to be a DJ?

Postby GhOSt » February 21st, 2013, 01:11:42

Just had this thought and I figured I try and find out what keeps other DJs to keep playing, despite any occurances (good and bad)

Me personally, it started with my love for House and Electro, started messing with the old Traktor and VDJ (makes your mixing sooooo much easier) that the element of mixing and other concepts grew onto me.....I'm still a noob though but I just have alot of appreciation for the effort producers and DJs put into their work that aspire me to reach and maybe one day get to that level or push myself hard enough to pass it. Also getting a crowd moving is what makes me love being an aspiring DJ, that somewhere along the line, your effort pays off with the dancing crowd showing me a sign of accomplishment...And hoping to branch off into other genres as much as I'm into House and Electro.

Just a little of what keeps me wanting to play...but what keeps you guys and girls going? Wanting fame? Moving a crowd? Music itself?

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