Hypnotic Dome Goa & Trance Application

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Hypnotic Dome Goa & Trance Application

Postby Yakumax Resident » January 2nd, 2013, 22:18:45

Hypnotic Dome Goa & Trance Application

Hello and thank you for being interested in a job at Hypnotic Dome Club. We only hire people that are 18+. We will not audition any DJ under 2 month old. If you apply for host, you need to be 2 month or longer in second life.


Trance, Psy Trance, Goa

Befor you fill out this application it is very important that you type your full SL name next to the note card file name: Hypnotic Dome Application (your full name here).

Please keep in mind we dont like drama. We want to have fun and love our music! We treat our staff with seriouness, we treat each other like we want to be treated, for a perfect work and party relationship. Please be serious about your work at Hypnotic Dome Club !

If you miss 3 shifts consecutively without contacting a staff member or lead, you will be let go.

We work on a tip only base, this means DJ's and host get 100% tip. For good work we give staff bonuses.

For any other question, please dont hesitate to ask us! Please send the completed appliction to:

 Second Life Profile: Yakumax Yakumax


Full Avatar Name:
(Vollständiger Avatar Name)

Avatar Rez Day:
(Avatar Geburtstag)

RL Age:
(RL Alter)




Please fill here which job you apply for (Dj or host):
(Bitte schreibe hier für welchen Job du dich bewirbst (Dj oder Host))

If you put DJ here go to step 1.0, if you apply for host go to 2.0
(Falls du dich als DJ bewirbst, geh zu Punkt 1.0, als Host geh zu Punkt 2.0)


1.0 DJ's

DJ (artist) name:
(DJ Künstlername)

Have you DJ'd in SL before?: Real Life?:
(Hast du vorher schon in SL oder RL aufgelegt?)

How long have you been DJ-ing in RL & SL?:
(Wie lange legst du schon auf RL & SL?)

Do you use a mic?:
(Verwendest du ein Mikrofon?)

Do you have your own stream?:
(Nutzt du einen eigenen Stream?)

Who do you rent your stream from?:
(Wo mietest du deinen Stream?)

How many listeners?:
(Für wieviele Zuhörer?)

What type of genres/music do you play? :
(Welche Musikrichtung spielst du?)

Where have you DJ'd before?: (names please)
(Wo hast du vorher schon aufgelegt?)

What times are you available to DJ?:
(Zu welchen Zeiten kannst du auflegen?)

What Software or Hardware do you use:?: (we will not hire you if you use SAM or Winamp)
(Mit welcher Soft- oder Hardware legst du auf?)

Place here some extra info we should know about you:
(Was sollen wir sonst noch über dich wissen?)


2.0 Host

If you apply to host you should know the basics how to host!
(Wenn du bei uns als Host arbeiten möchtest, solltest du die Grundlagen vom hosten kennen!)

Do you have any host experiences? (yes or no):
(Hast du bereits Erfahrung als Host? (Ja oder Nein))

If Yes: Which places did you host? Place here names of refernces:
(wenn ja, in welchen Clubs hast du schon als Host gearbeitet?)

What drives you to work at SunTrip Lounge?
(Warum möchtest du in der SunTrip Lounge arbeiten?)

What type of person are you?
(Was für ein Typ Mensch bist du?)

Place here some extra info we should know about you:
(Was sollen wir sonst noch über dich wissen?)


Thank you for taking time to fill out this apllication!
Danke, dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast, die Berwebung auszufüllen!

Hypnotic Dome TEAM

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