How to Make a Second Life Models Portfolio

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How to Make a Second Life Models Portfolio

Postby camille81 resident » October 1st, 2012, 12:17:30

    How to Make a Second Life Models Portfolio

    Second Life is an Internet-based virtual three-dimensional world where residents can live, play and work. One of the glamorous jobs inside of Second Life is modeling. When applying for a modeling job, you may be asked to provide a modeling portfolio. Here are a few tips on how to create a modeling portfolio in Second Life.

    1. Log in to your Second Life account using your Second Life first name, last name and password.
    2. Purchase a Modeling HUD to help you with your posing. Click on the “Search” button to bring up the “Search Second Life” menu. In the gray search box type, the words “Modeling HUD” and press enter on your keyboard. A list of Second Life stores that sell Modeling HUDs will appear.
    3. Click on your Modeling HUD to pose for your pictures. When you have a pose that you like, click on the “Snapshot” button on the lower toolbar. A “Snapshot Preview” menu will open with your picture displayed. When you see your picture inside the preview screen, click on the “Save” button. This will save your picture to your computer's hard drive.
    4. Choose four to five locations where you will take your modeling pictures. Make sure the locations will allow you to use your Modeling HUD. For example, a beautiful sandy beach, like the beach at Sleek Beach Club, would be an ideal choice. Choose locations that are tropical, classy and provocative. If you cannot use your Modeling HUD, you are at a location that does not allow it. Simply do a search for a new location.
    5. Click on the “File” button on the top toolbar--a list will drop down for you to choose from. Click on “Upload Image (L$10)” to upload your pictures from your computer's hard drive to your Second Life inventory.
    6. Click on the “Inventory” button on the bottom toolbar and locate the “Note card” file. Right click on the “Note card” and create a new note card. Place your pictures on the new note card and re-name it--for example, Bobbie’s Modeling Portfolio. Click “Save” on the note card and your portfolio is ready.

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