How to Find a Job as a Model in Second Life

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How to Find a Job as a Model in Second Life

Postby camille81 resident » October 1st, 2012, 12:15:26

    How to Find a Job as a Model in Second Life

    Being a model is one of the most desired unskilled jobs in Second Life. You will have to invest your time, sparkling personality and money to be a successful model. Imagine being the next top Model for Second Life. Modeling jobs are not easy to come by, bellow are a few tips to help you find a job as a Model in Second Life.

    1. Logon on to Second Life with your Second Life first name, last name and password
    2. Sign up with a top modeling agency in Second Life.
      • Madison Top Models Blanc
      • Nex-Core Model Management
      • Instyle Fashion & Modeling Agency

      To obtain a list of agencies locate the search boxes on the tool bars. There are two, one is located on in the middle on the bottom tool bar, the other Search box is smaller and is located on the top left gray tool bar.
    3. Inside either Search Box type, the words “Model” a search results box will open on screen with a listing of Modeling Agencies. Visit each agency to inquire if they are accepting new models.
    4. Log onto Second Life and check the community event. Periodically, this website advertises events for Second Life modeling jobs and contest.
    5. Enter several Second Life modeling contests. These contests can be found both in the real world by doing a basic Google search for “Second Life Modeling Contest”, and in Second Life by doing a basic “Modeling Contest” search.

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