How to get a clothing model job in Second Life

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How to get a clothing model job in Second Life

Postby camille81 resident » October 1st, 2012, 12:10:42

    How to get a clothing model job in Second Life

    Getting a clothing model job on Second Life isn't really a very difficult task to accomplish and it's a good way to make money in the virtual world. In this SL tutorial, I will give you some basic tips to getting some modeling jobs on second life and ways to help promote your image in the virtual world. However, along with these steps; if you are serious about a second life modeling career, I suggest you also look around at some of the modeling colleges or universities and check out some of the classes they have available and perhaps join the runway fashion shows available in the SL modeling community to help network your virtual world career. So, let's begin and look at the basics to earning lindens as a clothing model on second life.

    1. First, you need to create a portfolio to showcase your potential for modeling clothing on second life. Do some shopping and find some nice hairs, skins, tattoos, clothes and accessories as well as some poses. Cover a variety of different looks to beef up your modeling portfolio and make sure your avatar shape is appealing.
    2. Next, take some pictures of yourself modeling a variety of different styles (approx 3 or 4 pictures per style). Go to a sandbox or area where you have building permission but can be left alone and not disturbed by others to take your pictures so that you can put up a solid background.

      Once you have found a nice location, create a new prim object, make it as big as you can and color it white so that it may serve as a simple bold background for your modeling pictures.

      Take your pictures of each style and save them to your hard drive in a new folder named 'SL modeling photos' to help stay organized.
    3. Now, go into your photo editing software and open your modeling pictures. Create a collage of yourself modeling each style and include your SL name on the picture. Export each set of pictures to a .jpeg file and name it something you will remember easily, such as 'Goth Model Set' or 'Urban Model Set' This will make managing and giving your portfolio to others much easier and effective, and may serve as a business card of sorts down the road as it includes your second life name.
    4. Go back into second life and select 'file' and from there 'bulk upload'. In the file browsing window select your modeling set pictures that you combined in your photo editor, each one will cost you L$10 lindens but since you combined your pictures you will save a lot more money than having saved those pictures to your inventory individually, plus they are now easier to manage, more appealing as well as more effective. Create a new folder for your modeling portfolio in your inventory and put your uploaded model picture sets into that folder.
    5. Now, open your search browser in Second Life and type keyword searches for 'modeling', 'model', 'jobs' or 'employment' or any other keywords relative to your search for getting a job as a model on Second Life. Look around and see what opportunities are currently available and submit your portfolio as needed. Good luck!

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