How to Start Out As a Dancer in Second Life

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How to Start Out As a Dancer in Second Life

Postby camille81 resident » October 1st, 2012, 12:06:15

    How to Start Out As a Dancer in Second Life

    Linden Lab's online game called "Second Life" brings millions of people around the world together. Every player creates a base avatar when signing up, but the appearance and destiny of the avatar remains unique to the player. If you want to create a dancer avatar, whether it is simply for fun or to earn money in "Second Life," then you need to know the right places to look for clubs and avatar appearance items.

    1. Visit Second Life's website, and click "Join" at the top right. Select an avatar, and enter a name that is easy to remember. Dancers must stand out in a crowd on "Second Life," so look up some famous dancers or names you like before picking a name.
    2. Download the "Second Life" viewer to your desktop. Double-click the folder to install and launch. Enter your avatar's name and account password.
    3. Wait for the viewer to connect. Once online, press "CTRL" and "F." Click the "Places" tab, and then enter "Sandbox" in the "Find" field. Click "Search." Select on any sandbox on the left and click "Teleport."
    4. Navigate your browser to the Marketplace. Sign in with your avatar's name and account password. On the main page, look for "Show maturity levels." Click to set your preference to "General," "General, Moderate," "General, Moderate, Adult" or "Adult." You get the most results from search if you choose "General, Moderate, Adult."
    5. Click in the search text box, and type "Free Dancer." On the left, click categories to filter down the results. Click "Apparel" to show only clothes. Click "Avatar Appearance" to show only shapes and skins. At any time, change your search field to a more specific keyword to search within the category, such as "Dresses" in "Apparel" or "tan skin" in "Avatar Appearance." When you see something you like for your dancer, click on the picture and then click "Buy Now" to send to your avatar in "Second Life."
    6. Click on "Animations" on the left. Search for dances and animation overriders for your avatar with alluring or sensual characteristics. Dancers act as promoters, crowd entertainers and performers.
    7. Click on your Second Life viewer to switch windows from your browser. Click "Accept" on all the objects sent from the Marketplace in the top right. These objects go into your inventory. Drag to the ground from your inventory, right-click, choose "Open" and then select "Copy to Inventory." Double-click in your inventory to wear your items. You should have an animation overrider, hair, skin, shape and an attractive dress.
    8. Click "Edit" and select "Profile." Enter some information in your profile about your love of dance and other details about yourself. Include information about the type of music you like or people you want to meet.
    9. Press the "ALT" key, and hold down the left button to move the camera around to look at your avatar. Click the "Snapshot" button on the button to take a picture of yourself in-world. Select "Save to Your Inventory" option and then click "Save." With your profile still open, drag the snapshot from your inventory to the profile box. You now show a picture of your dancer for others to see. Click "OK" to save the changes to your profile.
    10. Press "CTRL" and "F" again. Click "Classifieds" to find a club that is hiring dancers. Type in keywords like "hiring dancers," "dancers needed," "dancers wanted" or just "dancers." You get a list of places hiring dancers in Second Life. Click on any places on the left, and read the advertisement for dancers on the right. For any ad you like, click "Teleport" on the right to go to the club.
    11. Click on the "Application" sign once you teleport. Clubs hire different ways. New hires tend to find the application or club representative at the teleport point, where you landed after clicking "Teleport." Follow the instructions on the application notecard, and speak to the club's owner about the position if available.
    12. Press "CTRL" and "F," and then click "Places." Type in "dance club" and click "Search." Click on any places that pop up on the left and then click "Teleport." Find a dancers' area with a dance pole or dance animator ball. Right-click and choose "Sit Here" to begin dancing. Some places allow you to dance without being hired, though you tend to not receive pay unless tipped by someone at the club. You can still be a dancer without being hired while you wait for a response.
    13. Answer any notecards or IMs from the club manager after sending in your application. Go to the scheduled interview, and wear a dress to show off your avatar. Your interviewer most likely wants to know when you are available to dance. Give times you know that you can be online to help promote and dance at the club.
    14. Teleport to the club often after being hired. Use the dancer-specified area to dance. Always greet customers and be friendly. If you bring regulars to the club, you might get a promotion or even a sign in the club with your picture.

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