how to play MW3 online with tunngle

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how to play MW3 online with tunngle

Postby ObeseWhale » March 11th, 2013, 07:10:57

The Steps to Playing
  • Install Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3
  • Download Full Patch v1.4.382 and extract the files to your game folder.
  • If needed download Microsoft .Net Framework 4
  • Download TeknoMW3 version and extract the files to your game folder.
  • Start Tunngle and join the Modern Warfare 3 Network
  • Start the TeknoMW3 launcher and click Multiplayer
  • Click Start LAN game
  • Go to options ingame and then Dedicated Server.
  • Enable the Server(list)
  • Return to the main menu and click the Servers Option.
  • Go to the LAN tab
  • Join any server
  • Have Fun!!!
Video Tutorial

Version Changelog's
Version 2.5 Changelist:
- Enabled Internet Server List – You can now browse online servers
Requirements for the server: NAT out the net_masterServerPort in order to make your server visible to the clients.
- CPU usage drastically decreased. No more 100% core use.
- Minor stability fixes, more to come soon.

Version Changelist:
-Internet server list should be more stable now

Version Changelist:
- Fixes CPU use of the dedicated server and stability of the internet server list.

Version Changelist:
- BUGFIX: Ini file ExternalIP setting (from [Network] section)
should no longer get overwritten by UPnP router result.
- BUGFIX: Team Auto Balance is now properly initialized. By default its enabled. Yuo can disable it via server.cfg: seta scr_teambalance 0
- ADDED: ui_hud_obituaries, waypointiconheight and waypointiconwidth dvars are no longer protected (server must be running though).
- ADDED: global ban list. Disabled by default. To enable add
an uption to the ini file under [Network]: GlobalBans=true
- ADDED: dvarinfo command to the dedicated server. It enables
debug printouts for the dvars (their current value + default)
* this wont work from rcon
- ADDED: rcon_full_access dvar. It gives you a full access to
raw server commands via RCON. Set it in server.cfg like: seta rcon_full_access 1

Version Changelist:
- Master server moved to an official host
- Minor security tweaks
- Disabled folder check
- Stability fixes

Q&A Regarding Update from to
Q: I'm running a 2.6.x server/client, should I update?
A: Yes, upgrade to 2.7 is mandatory. You need to update to this version in order to make your server visible to others and to see the servers in the game (History/Favorite lists remain unchanged).
Q: Can I continue using 2.6.x beta version?
A: The old master server (2.6x and below) will be shut down today. You won't be able to see any games with the old version.
Q: I can't run the game! It says my game is not legitimate
A: Seems like you're using a ******* version or you did something wrong. Please install the game again using Steam.
Q: Okay you got me - I was using a ******* version - what can I do now?
A: Buy the game! Granted, you might be living in some country where the Internet connection is a problem, but the game is only 19,99 at After the purchase you're all set to use our mod offline (LAN party for example).
Q: Will you continue the development after the v2.7.0.0?
A: Time will tell. Currently we are evaluating if it's worth our time. It's our hobby - don't forget that. Our original goals have been met - The game works offline/on LAN. That's enough for now.
Q: Have you heard about AlterIW guys?
A: Yes. We wish them good luck - their MW2 MOD is awesome. We currently we have no further comments on that.
Q: I've donated and now you released the final version and I can't play!
A: We are sorry to hear that. We've received very few donations overall. Another thing, and we've been saying it since the day one: we're against piracy - our MOD will only work with the original game.
Q: I want to play on official servers, but they require 1.5 version - Then I can't switch back to TeknoMW3 because it requires 1.4 version?
A: That is correct - for now we're not supporting versions over 1.4.382. You should create a copy of your 1.4.382 game folder (from Steam\steamapps\common) before updating to 1.5+. This way you can connect to official servers anytime and use TeknoMW3 as usual.

If you are receiving the non legitamate copy error because you have a non legit copy for whatever reason you can still play on servers from the LAN tab using the version. You wont however be able to use Internet tab and play on servers found in there.

Stopped Working Error - If game Stopped working Error when Start Game from loader add DEP Exception for iw5mp.exe check this Guide
Can't Find iw5mp.exe - This means you have not copied the TeknoMW3 files into your game folder correctly. Extract the files and move them to your game directory.
Files different from server - This means that you have not correctly updated your game. Download the latest patch and install it according to the instructions.

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Re: how to play MW3 online with tunngle

Postby TMK_Pro » March 16th, 2013, 23:55:36 is outdated try to keep up..

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Re: how to play MW3 online with tunngle

Postby FreezingLight » March 17th, 2013, 01:05:56

TMK_Pro wrote: is outdated try to keep up..

There was no major changes in, so many ppl stuck to
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