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New Communications Features, Version 3.5.0

PostPosted: April 6th, 2013, 13:15:25
by Vincent
Consolidated conversation window, shrinkable
Saves logs and transcripts of all conversations in the last 30 days
Your IMs should be there even if capped while you were offline
The transcript reopens the IM; the connection is open for your input.
Sorting by person makes it easy to find a previous contact.
Add people to an ongoing conference
Unified alert controls for incoming messages
Easy manage and clear message blocks.
New "Do not disturb" option saves incoming messages
To get options on something, right-click

Consolidated conversation window
Saves logs and transcripts
Can sort by person

Conversation window

Click the voice indicator to adjust volume for a speaker or a channel
Click the question mark for detailed help on the items.
Preferences-Chat window
Alerts: Displays and sounds
Settings for recent communication history

Preferences-Chat window (New)
Communication events
Friend IM
Non-friend IM
Conference IM
Group Chat
Nearby Chat
Choose the system action for each event
Open conversation window
Pop up the message
Flash Toolbar button
Recent Communications (history) IMs


Conversation Log
Click to enlarge
Communicate button (top menu)
Communications Log (dropdown)
Sort button (list graphic)
Sort button offers
Friends on Top
Nearby chat history


People window, 2013
Manage blocked people and objects:
People window,
Open the Blocked tab
To remove an item, click the item
Then click the trash can (upper right)
Help at hand (reminder)
Need help on a button? Hover your cursor over it for a moment, look for a yellow explanation to pop up
Need help in on a window? Click on the question mark near the upper right corner.
Details here:
Communications Hub Beta