Al'Ol Helena House FULL FURNISHED [L$399 $2.00 USD]

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Al'Ol Helena House FULL FURNISHED [L$399 $2.00 USD]

Postby Albertt Olkhovsky » February 6th, 2013, 18:02:44

    PROMO!!! Al'Ol Helena House FULL FURNISHED: Kitchen+ Living Room + 2 bedrooms + pool


    ONLY L$ 399, SAVE 3600 LINDENS!!

    Al'Ol Helena House is a modern, medium sized, because of this you don't need a big land to be able to have this house!

    It comes fully furnished, for you to enjoy every detail. Kitchen, living room with a incredible pool table with menu, two bedrooms upstairs with beds also with menu. Balconies and also external front area with pool.

    Check out the images and the demo version of the house in the AL'OL store!

    It's time to change your home. Helena House is here. Get yours!


    + HIGH QUALITY FURNITURE with a lot of animations.
    + Living Room full furnished
    + 2 Bedrooms full furnished
    + Kitchen full furnished
    + Pool table and beds with animations
    + Pool
    + Menu Control
    + Tinting Windows
    + Lockable door
    + Prims: 707
    + 42x38m
    + Modify
    + Copy

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    Albertt Olkhovsky

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